We are The Moonstruck Stories, a wedding video, and photography company that loves to learn, collaborate, and create; based in Mumbai but we would love to follow you to wherever your story belongs.

The Moonstruck Stories was born out of love back in 23rd May 2017 when two people - our founder Shashank and co-founder Preeti met and fell in love not just with each other but also with the idea of creating something timelessly valuable for others in love. We bring that love to our work and make sure that it reflects in our photographs and films.

Being in the wedding industry for more than 5 years we understand what our client needs (someone who can actually listen to what they want and provide them the same ). We give a personal touch to all of your wedding photos, videos, or albums which go through close observation of both our founder and co-founder personally. To do so we have assembled a team of highly skilled photographers and videographers who share the same passion as us and help us bring our vision to life, paying close attention to all the delicate details.

We love capturing those spontaneous joyous moments that the family shares during this celebration of love and it’s our favorite part of the job to become one with the family of the bride and the groom. We put everything we have into our photography and love capturing the heart and joy behind every picture.
We strive to capture the true essence of beauty in the world with ease and elegance whether between two lovers or within yourself. 
We portray a scene of serenity and excitement for the moments so dear to your heart



Founder and Creative Director

Co-Founder and Marketing Head